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'What a fantastic effort from your team Peter....fantastic food and service went without a hitch. Thanks again'

August 26th 2011

Richard Bradford, General manager, All Hallows on Sea Leisure park


 Just a few of our ideas but we'd love to hear some of yours aswell!



The Traditional Hog Roast

Our Hog Roast is probably the most visually exciting part of our service. Our carefully selected pigs are cooked whole on a spit for around six hours to provide crispy crackling and succulent tasting pork. The meat is carved in view of your guests and served either on a plate or a fresh bread roll with sage and onion stuffing, apple, sweet chilli and mustard.

Prices from £450


 "The 3 Meat Selection"

One of our most popular requests is our "3 Meat Selection". Top rumps of beef, legs of pork and crowns of turkey. These are again carved from the spit in view of your guests and can either be served plated or on a bread roll with serviette. Additional sauce for these are cranberry for the turkey and horse radish for the beef. The "3 Meat Selection" offers an wider  range of choice for your guests.

Prices from £450




Lamb or Venison Roast

Our mobile spit ovens are extremely versatile which allows us to roast and serve a whole lamb or a whole venison.

Prices dependant on season

Salads and potatoes

Green leaf salad, crunchy peppers, ripe tomatoes, crisp spring onions, accompanied with french dressing; pasta and potato salad and fresh coleslaw, served with piping hot jacket potatoes or new potatoes and butter.

Price £2.50 per guest

Extend this salad to include dressed sides of salmon, vegetarian quiches, cous cous and bean salad for an extra £1.50 per guest.


The Cold Buffet.

A cold buffet to your own requirements including cold meats, salmon, prawns, pasta, rice and potato salads.


The Breakfast

Ideal for company open days as a mid morning snack. Spit roasted hams, tomato and cumberland sausage served on a large bun with grilled tomatoes and mushrooms.

Prices from £450



The B B Q

Whether it be burgers and sausages or sirloin steaks, marinated chicken and home made kebabs, why not ask us for a quote?





Fresh strawberries and cream, gateaux, cheese cake, cheese boards. We have a large selection of desserts available.

Price £2.50 per guest


There's more pictures in the gallery.






For further information, prices or to make a booking, please telephone or email

Ian Flounders

07482 170000